Project Description

As for diagnosis we are using IR-light that is able to penetrate through dental tissue and make caries visible for us we ran into the problem that IR-sensors are extremly expensive. IR-sensitive InGaAs-based CCD sensors can cost thousand times more than a traditional Si-based CCD or CMOS image sensor, but Si-based sensors are not sensitive above higher IR wavelengths (~1000-1100nm) still to see in NIR-light is getting more and more important not only in medical imaging but also in solar cell manufacturing and many other fields of engineering and science. Our special customizable polyNIR® lenses and windows can convert any cheap and wide-spread simple device into an IR-sensitve one for acceptable low costs.

Project Details

Category Nanotechnology, Optics
Client Hiventures, Budapest University of Technology
Skills Chemical engineering, Nanotechnology, Physics, Manufacturing
Date Since July 2017
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Debrecen, Hungary
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